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The Nottingham launches six new competitive residential mortgage products

Submitted by on March 13, 2013 – 5:10 pm

the-nottingham-cropThe Nottingham is pleased to announce that we will be launching six new branch/direct exclusive residential mortgage products from 9am on Tuesday 12 March.   

Martyn Bell, Mortgage Product Manager at The Nottingham, says, “Since 2008 we have lent over £350 million to first time buyers. The reductions we have made to our three and five year fixed rates, at 95% and 90% loan to value, will hopefully mean we can help even more people trying to take their first step on the housing ladder. All come with a free valuation for both purchase and re-mortgages, whilst free legals also apply to re-mortgages on the 90% LTV products to keep set-up costs down.


The new products have been priced extremely competitively and some now offer no booking or arrangement fees to support a growing demand from both existing homeowners and FTBs. As a top 10 building society, and estate agency, The Nottingham lends up to 95% loan to value to FTBs in its East Midlands heartland through its branches as well as directly by phone. In addition The Nottingham lends up to 90% LTV nationally throughout England and Wales.”


Key Product Points


·         Rates on existing four residential products at 90% and 95% loan to value have been reduced

·         Two further new products have been launched at lower loan to values to support customers with a higher deposit


First Time Buyer  95% LTV – Available only in our East Midlands heartland  up to £150k per application


3 year, 5.49% (was 5.69%) fixed rate, no Booking or Arrangement fees

5 year, 5.69% (was 5.79%) fixed, £100 upfront Booking fee and £199 Arrangement fee


90% LTV

3 year, 4.29% (was 4.49%) fixed, no Booking or Arrangement fees

5 year, 4.39% (was 4.59%) fixed, £100 upfront Booking fee and £199 Arrangement fee


85% LTV

3 year, 3.59% fixed, £100 upfront Booking fee and £199 Arrangement fee


80% LTV

3 year, 2.99% fixed, £100 upfront Booking fee, £199 Arrangement fee


Additional important information:

·         There are no Booking or Arrangement fees on the 3 year 95% and 90% LTV products

·         There is a low booking fee of £100 and low arrangement fee of £199 on all other products

·         Free basic property valuation for both purchase and re-mortgage applications

·         Free legals cost for re-mortgages

·         These products are only available via The Nottingham’s branch network or directly by phone – see www.thenottingham.comfor full details.